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Archive for June, 2018

Professor Witmer-Rich Participates as Guest in The Sound of Ideas Radio Show on 90.3/WCPN

J_WITMERRICH.jpgProfessor Jonathan Witmer-Rich was a guest on WCPN’s The Sound of Ideas, discussing the 50th anniversary of Terry v. Ohio and its impact on policing throughout the country. He also discussed the recent controversial practice by the Trump administration of separating immigrant children from their parentsa result of the administration’s decision to pursue criminal charges against all suspected illegal entrants rather than continuing the long-standing practice of using civil immigration proceedings. The program is available here.

Checkout Casetext: Free Online Legal Research

casetext logoCasetext is one of a growing number of free online sources for legal research. Developed by attorneys, data scientists, and engineers, Casetext offers free access to over 10 million cases, statutes, and regulations, plus articles and commentary from leading litigators. Coverage includes all United States Supreme Court decisions, Circuit Court and District Court decisions from 1925-present, all State Supreme and Appellate Courts decisions from 1950-present (including Ohio), federal statutes and regulations, and statutes from selected states (not including Ohio). To access the free database, enter search terms in the search box at the top of the page, then use the filters on the left-hand side to narrow the results.

When accessing court opinions, several features are included for free. Casetext shows negative treatment flags, key passages that highlight the most cited and discussed passages of your case, summaries from subsequent cases showing how your case fits into a legal argument, and insights from experts commentary from litigators and/or law professors.

Additional features are available for a fee. Casetext also offers CARA, a subscription-based research tool that uses machine learning and AI to assist with your legal research. For example, paying users can upload briefs, memos, and other legal documents, and CARA will find relevant cases, statutes, and regulations.

Ohio Bar Help

The Law Library has a guide all about the Ohio Bar Exam. One particularly useful resource in the Law Library is the set of Ohio Bar essay questions, with published answers, covering 1992 to the present. Use these resources for extra practice with issue-spotting, outlining, and obtaining an even better grasp of the Ohio examiners’ style. Check out sample essay questions on the Supreme Court’s website, which includes samples of the MPT. For tips on the essay questions and MPT, and a breakdown of the grading, see our Logistics page.

Happy PRIDE Month!

For PRIDE Month, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight LGBTQ+ resources both for academics and student life. For starters, Cleveland State has its own LGBTQ+ Student Services webpage, which acts as a one-stop place for both university and community resources for the LGBTQ+ community.

For your research needs, check out our Sexual Orientation & The Law Research Guide. The Michael Schwartz Library has a great database, LGBT Life, which contains all of the content available in that publication as well as full text for other significant LGBT journals, magazines, regional newspapers, and monographs.

Also of interest are Westlaw and Lexis LGBTQ+ related resources:

  • Emerging Issues in Protections for LBGT Employees (Westlaw)—From American Law Institute CLE program
  • Gay & Lesbian Review (Westlaw)—Discussion and analysis of contemporary gay, lesbian, and bisexual ideas and literature
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Family Law (Westlaw)—This treatise discusses the legal aspects of marriage, divorce, adoption, custody, parentage, surrogacy, visitation, assisted reproduction, and other family law topics from the perspective of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals; updated yearly
  • Sexual Orientation & the Law (Westlaw)—Guide to representing any client involved in a nontraditional relationship, providing advice on how to handle the unique legal problems affecting your client; it contains extensive coverage of the full range of legal issues facing lesbian and gay clients
  • Tulane Journal of Law & Sexuality (Westlaw and Lexis)
  • LGBTQ Employment Law Practice Guide (Lexis)—Designed to assist employers, practitioners, and employment law professionals called upon to advise and counsel individual and institutional clients on the legal and practical issues that arise in the employment law context as it relates to LGBTQ individuals
  • Gay Times (Lexis)—Lifestyle publication from the UK
  • The Dukeminier Awards Best Sexual Orientation Law Review Articles (Lexis)—The Dukeminier Awards is a legal periodical published by the students of The Williams Institute and the UCLA School of Law; each year, scholars, lawyers, judges, and law students throughout the United States publish hundreds of articles concerning various aspects of sexual orientation law

Career Planning Resources at C|M|Law

Bulletin board with colorful post-it notes and message "make things happen."The Office of Career Planning (OCP) maintains C|M|Law:CareerNotes, which provides news, announcements, and advice for students’ professional development. Check out OCP’s blog for information on career options, the legal market, job searching and networking, and other resources to build a professional brand.

The Law Library’s Law Career Resources Guide lists some of the books and materials in our collection dealing with legal careers, the job search process, and work-life balance. The Law Library’s Researching Employers Guide features resources to help you learn about potential employers, salary data, and other information useful for deciding if a job offer is right for you. The Law Library also has a few boards on Pinterest dedicated to career planning with helpful tips on resumes, cover letters, interview techniques, and what to wear.