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Faculty Bar Subject Presentations for C|M|Law Students

image of C|M|Law flagC|M|Law faculty are providing ten free bar subject presentations for our recent graduates now studying for the July bar exam.  The hour-long presentations will take place 10am-3pm, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 9 & 10, in Room 237, and refreshments will be provided.  Faculty will discuss the bar subjects they teach, and answer questions.  Here are the schedules:

Tuesday, July 9:

  • 10am – Evidence – Stephen Lazarus
  • 11am – Wills & Intestacy – John Plecnik
  • 12noon – Secured Transactions – Mark Sundahl
  • 1pm – Criminal Law – Patti Falk
  • 2pm – Commercial Law – Mark Sundahl

Wednesday, July 10:

  • 10am – Corporations – Chris Sagers
  • 11am – Criminal Procedure – Jonathon Witmer-Rich
  • 12noon – Civil Procedure – Kevin O’Neill
  • 1pm – Estates & Future Interests – Heidi Robertson
  • 2pm – First Amendment – Kevin O’Neill

Contact Mary Jane McGinty for more information.


MPT Workshops for C|M|Law Students

image of C|M|Law flagC|M|Law provides free Multistate Performance Test (MPT) workshops for our recent graduates now studying for the July bar exam.  The workshops take place 1pm-3pm, Tuesdays, June 4-25, in Room 237, and lunch is provided.  The weekly workshops provide an opportunity to discuss strategies for approaching the MPT, and participants take practice MPTS.  Practice MPTS are scored with the official point sheet used by bar graders, and each participant receives individual feedback with suggestions for improving his/her score.  Simulated MPTS will be given on June 11 & 18.  If you are not able to physically attend the MPT workshops, you can still take the practice MPTs and receive feedback via email.  Contact Mary Jane McGinty for more information.

This Just In: Three New Nutshell Editions

Just recently arrived:

You can find copies of these and other nutshells in two places in the library – there are copies for check-out in room A066 on the Atrium level and copies for in-library use in the reference stacks.

Sample Outlines and Exams

Kevin Garewal | November 30, 2009 – 11:00

Here are some sample outlines and exams you can find on the

Findlaw – Outlines and Exams
Lexis – Outlines (limited number of subjects)

ILRG Law Student Outlines

NYU Law Student Bar Association Outlines

While C-M law professors post in our Past Exam database , you can also find exams from the following other law schools:

American University – Washington College of Law

Creighton College – School of Law

Check the library’s Study Aids for even more sample exams and outlines.

Finding Study Aids in the Library

Sue Altmeyer, Electronic Services Librarian, | October 01, 2008 – 10:07

Image: 'Oh dear' library has a vast collection of study aids, both books and CDs. Ways to find study aids:

1. RESEARCH GUIDES: Refer to the library’s research guides on various course topics (civil procedure, torts, etc.) for a list of study aids. There should be a link to “study aids” at the top of the guide. The Exam Preparation Guide also lists study aid titles.

2. CATALOG SEARCH: Try a keyword search on Scholar for one of the following (these are names of study aids) and possibly add the name of a legal subject to the search (ex. contracts):

Law School Legends (a series of CDs)
Outstanding Professor Series (another series of CDs)
Examples and Explanations
Sum and Substance
Understanding Series
Questions and Answers
Core Concepts and Key Questions
Concepts and Insights
Black Letter Outlines

(The above are roughly in order of popularity) So, the keyword search would be “contract examples and explanations”.

3. BROWSE: The majority of the study aids are either in room A066 (one level down from the first floor) or behind the information services desk (on reserve). A066 items can be checked out, while the reserve items are for in-library use only for two hour periods.