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Study Aids Available

With Orientation in full swing and classes beginning next week, it’s a great time to remind you about study aids available from the Law Library. Room A066 (on the Atrium level, one floor below the main level) is where you can find all of the study aids available in print and on CD for you to check out. Some of the most popular titles, which address many areas of law, include: Understanding, Q&A, Examples and Explanations, Sum and Substance, Nutshells, and Emanuel’s Outlines.

If a title is checked out, don’t fret because we may have a copy available for use in the library in the reference section on the first floor. Finally, there are also many study aids available online in our digital study aids collection—you don’t even have to be in the library to check those out!

Don’t Forget CALI

CALI (The Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction) is a non-profit consortium that focuses on computer legal instruction. CALI is best known for its lessons and tutorials, along with the CALI Awards (officially CALI Excellence for the Future Awards). Almost all U.S. law schools are members of the CALI consortium.

CALI has a lot to offer. Use the search box in the upper-right corner of the screen to explore a particular topic. For example, searching the word “offer” yields hits for not only lessons but also from CALI’s blog, podcast, and case correlations. Also, all 1L classes are covered via CALI lessons as are the vast majority of upper-level ones. You can also search for lessons based on a casebook; searching by casebook assures that the lesson is based on the same casebook used in your class.

The easiest way to access CALI is from the law library’s homepage. It is located under “Quicklinks” –> CALI. If you haven’t already done so, you must create your own login by clicking the link for “Authorization Code” under “Quicklinks” and following the steps.

CALI Time Trial is another feature you can access once signed into CALI. It is a fun, interactive online card game that will increase your U.S. Supreme Court knowledge.

As always, if you have questions regarding CALI, your friendly C|M|Law librarians are here to help.

5 Final Tips for the Bar Exam

The C|M|Law Library wishes all of our students the best of luck on next week’s Ohio Bar Exam.

We will still be here for your legal research needs as you begin your career.

Here are 5 tips for the last few days:

  1. Get some exerciseit is a good break and may help you fall asleep quicker
  2. Watch a movie as a breakmake it something lighthearted
  3. Review what you knowdon’t try to learn a whole new subject the last few days
  4. Have a nice conversation with someone you knowprobably want someone who won’t talk about the exam
  5. Get everything you need for the exam together now so you aren’t doing it at the last minute

Breathe… you can do it!

Good luck!

Ohio Bar Help

The Law Library has a guide all about the Ohio Bar Exam. One particularly useful resource in the Law Library is the set of Ohio Bar essay questions, with published answers, covering 1992 to the present. Use these resources for extra practice with issue-spotting, outlining, and obtaining an even better grasp of the Ohio examiners’ style. Check out sample essay questions on the Supreme Court’s website, which includes samples of the MPT. For tips on the essay questions and MPT, and a breakdown of the grading, see our Logistics page.

Graduates: We’re Still Here for You

For those students who will graduate this semester—congratulations!  Even after you have completed your studies at Cleveland-Marshall, there are many ways in which you can continue to benefit from the law school and library.

Most importantly, you can continue to use the library’s resources if you apply for an alumni borrower’s card. The application can be found here.

You still have access to important databases, such as HeinOnline and others, from the public computers in the library.

In addition, when you return to the law library, you can access our wireless network, CSUGUEST.

You may still ask library staff for help with any reference questions you may have in person, by email (, or by phone (216 687-6877).

Bar Exam Prep:

We will do all that we can to help you prepare for the bar exam. CALI lessons are available to you for up to six months after graduation to help you perfect your legal knowledge. While studying for the bar, you are also welcome to use the student lounge, any of our study rooms, or the Learning Commons.

Bloomberg, Westlaw and Lexis Access:

  • Graduates can access Bloomberg Law automatically for 6 months unlimited after graduation.
  • You also have access to Westlaw for 60 hours of usage per month for six months to gain understanding and build confidence in your research skills. However, you cannot use it in situations where you are billing a client. In addition, you get access to job-searching databases for 18 months after graduation for one hour per month. Extend access by logging onto
  • Continue to access Lexis Advance through the law school homepage until December 31, 2018. Your view will change to a Graduate homepage to reflect your new status in July. Find helpful information for your job search, workplace etiquette, and professional development. Graduates going into non-profit work may apply for an ASPIRE ID, which lasts 12 months beyond graduation. You will need a letter on the non-profit’s letterhead confirming employment. Find out about both of these free programs at
  • If you have any questions, please direct them to Brian Cassidy, Student Services Librarian, at or 216-523-7364.

Best of luck in the future, and stop in to say hi at any time! As always, let us know if you require assistance.