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Judge Denies Equal Pay Claim for US Women’s National Soccer Team

In a recent decision, Judge Gary Klausner of the U.S. District Court for Central California in Los Angeles ruled against the women’s claim of pay discrimination, ruling in favor of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and tossing the equal pay claims of the four-time world women’s soccer champions. Klausner did allow the women’s case for unfair treatment in areas such as travel, housing, and medical support to proceed to trial, set for June 16 in Los Angeles.

The equal pay claims, the central plank of the case, were dismissed because there was also evidence that the players had previously turned down an offer in the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations to be paid along the lines of the U.S. men’s team.


Baseball is Back in Town

While baseball has been back for a week, our hometown team has been on the road. In honor of their Home Opener today, we’re highlighting some of our baseball and sports-related material.

If you’re not sure where to start when researching a legal topic, research guides are a great place to go. The Library maintains a Sports and Entertainment Law Guide that lists important laws, cases, journals, and more.

The Library collection includes several books about baseball and the law. Bargaining with Baseball covers labor relations through 140 years of professional baseball history. The Baseball Trust discusses the series of court rulings that made baseball exempt from antitrust law. The Little White Book of Baseball Law examines cases involving broadcast contracts, injured spectators, rules of the game and more. One Man Out: Curt Flood versus Baseball tells the story of all-star center fielder Curt Flood, his challenge of the reserve clause and push for free agency. There are several more baseball-related titles and many more resources about sports law generally, just search our catalog.

C|M|Law’s Entertainment and Sports Law Association is a student organization dedicated to promoting these areas of study. The Association hosts events throughout the year, and there’s still time to register for the upcoming Entertainment & Sports Law Symposium, here at C|M|Law on April 13, 2018.

Specialized Research Guide for the Great Lakes Sports and Entertainment Law Academy


Welcome GLSELA students! The law library’s prepared a specialized research guide to help you find the best books, articles, databases, and websites on sports and entertainment law. The guide also features videos about sports and entertainment law and careers. Top picks from the guide: How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs to Know and Entertainment Careers for Lawyers. Good luck researching and enjoy the Academy.

This Just In: Taxation of Entertainers, Athletes, and Artists


Participants in the upcoming Great Lakes Sports and Entertainment Law Academy may at interested this new title from the ABA. Taxation of Entertainers, Athletes, and Artists by Lionel S. Sobel discusses the U.S. domestic and international taxation of entertainers, athletes, and artists. Topics covered include income, deductions and credits, tax rates, loan-out corporations, deferred and contingent compensation, tax treaties, endorsement income, and more. Each chapter includes practical examples that help explain and illustrate important concepts.

This Just In: The Little Book of College Football Law

collegefootballWith the National Football Championship game fast approaching it’s good to know The Little Book of College Football Law is here!

College football has had its share of controversies that have resulted in a fascinating body of law. Divided into four sections—players, coaches, spectators, and the NCAA—The Little Book of College Football Law covers everything from injuries to sexual discrimination to recruiting violations to that old standby for both college and football, alcohol.

This book is a riveting and amusing collection of sports jurisprudence dealing with a number of major collegiate football programs from around the country. It also includes 18 recipes, including such delicacies as ‘Kickoff” Gumbo for tailgaiting.