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Professor Oh Publishes Article on Kavanaugh Supreme Court Appointment

Professor Reggie Oh published an article entitled “The Fight for the Supreme Court Post-Kavanaugh” on the Loyal Opposition website.  In the article, Professor Oh considers the possibility of impeachment, then argues that Democrats should instead seek to increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court from nine to ten.  The article is available here.

What is the Oldest Reported American Case?

According to A History of Digests, a recent article by Michael O. Eshleman (110 Law Libr. J. 235), (citing Robert Becker’s Ancient Decisions) the answer is Stone v. Boreman, 1 H. & McH. 1, a 1658 case from the Provincial Court of the Province of Maryland.  This interesting fact came up in the article when Eshleman explains how West got the date of 1658 as a starting point for their 1896 re-digesting of all published American cases up to that point. The case deals with a land dispute over the disposal of public lands.

We couldn’t find anything older.  If you do, let us know!

Free Online Research Tools: FDsys Retiring Soon

govinfo logoDon’t forget, the Government Publishing Office’s Federal Digital System (FDsys) website will be retired on December 14, 2018 and replaced by Govinfo, which has been available in beta since 2016, has all of the content available on FDsys, but with improved search capabilities and new features. The enhancements include a mobile-friendly interface, links to related documents for some collections, sortable search filters, and notification feeds. Govinfo also offers expanded help information and tutorials. As with FDsys, content on govinfo is authenticated by GPO using digital signatures and validation icons. Existing links to FDsys content will automatically redirect to the equivalent page on govinfo, as closely as possible.

Mental Health and Wellness Book: The Worry Cure

Are you already worrying about law school exams or do you expect that you will be soon? If so, it can be helpful to plan ahead for how you will contain your worry so that it will not paralyze you around exam time. The Mental Health and Wellness Collection, located in the Ohio Room, includes a number of books that you can check out that may help you get a handle on exam time worrying.

One title to try is The Worry Cure: Seven Steps to Stop Worry from Stopping You by Robert L. Leahy. Early on in the book, you can establish your worry profile to understand yourself better. Next, you can go over unproductive ways to deal with worrying, such as trying to stop your thoughts or numbing yourself with alcohol. The seven steps to stopping worrying are the main part of the book. These cover things like identifying productive and unproductive worrying, focusing on the deeper threat, and taking control of your time.

You can find The Worry Cure in our Mental Health & Wellness Collection, located in the Ohio Room as you walk in. All of the books from this collection can be checked out at the circulation desk. You can explore the collection online through our Mental Health & Well-Being research guide.


Law Library Online Legal Research Seminars

Students, do you have a bit of time before or during the upcoming Thanksgiving break?  Why not refresh your research skills and take a few Law Library Legal Research Seminars?!  The Seminars are conveniently available online, via the Westlaw TWEN platform.  You earn points for completing a Seminar by correctly answering 3/4 of the questions on that Seminar’s quiz.  Your Seminar points are good for the entire time you are here at C|M|LAW.  When you earn 100 points, you are awarded a Law Library Legal Research Letter of Recognition and a Digital Badge, which you can post to your LinkedIn page.  You can earn multiple Letters and Digital Badges.

Here are descriptions of seven of our Law Library Legal Research Seminars:

  • Starting Research with Secondary Sources – Why recreate the wheel? Examine how secondary sources explain and analyze “the law” for you, as well as cite primary authority. [17:02 mins; 12.5 points]
  • Bluebooking – For faster legal drafting, review how to effectively apply citation and style rules, as well as abbreviation and jurisdiction tables. [38:47 mins; 25 points]
  • Administrative Law – Break through the mysteries of agency rulemaking and case adjudication. Learn the key resources for finding federal and Ohio agency regulations and decisions. [29:59 mins; 25 points]
  • Cost Effective Federal Legislative History: & – Understand the importance of, and materials generated in, the federal legislative process.  See how to find key materials in the freely-available and [17:33 mins; 12.5 points]
  • HeinOnline – Review the wide array of content (eg, law journals, session laws, foreign law), date coverage, and unique features of this full-text “database of databases.” [16:49 mins.; 12.5 points]
  • Practical Law by Westlaw Review the specialized practice areas, resources and features of this unique Westlaw product. [13:44 mins; 12.5 points]
  • Bioethics Resources & Scholarly Writing – Examine a wide array of bioethics resources, as well as learn how these resources can be used to select a paper topic and conduct effective research on that topic. [28:33 mins; 25 points]

We also have six Law Library Legal Research Seminars on the major legal research platforms.  In these Seminars, you will learn big box & pre-filtered searching, how to print/download/email search results, how to use citator services to update and expand your research, and the basics of combining terms & phrases in effective search statements:

  • Westlaw Overview [20:03 mins; 12.5 points]
  • KeyCite [10:16 mins; 12.5 points]
  • Lexis Advance Overview [21:11 mins; 12.5 points]
  • Shepard’s [11;54 mins; 12.5 points]
  • Bloomberg Law Overview Also reviews content not available on Lexis Advance & Westlaw. [25:39 mins; 12.5 points]
  • Terms & Connectors Searching [10:48 mins; 12.5 points]

For more information on the Law Library Legal Research Seminars, contact Laura Ray, Outreach & Instructional Services Librarian.