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Equal Justice Works 2010 Conference/Career Fair

Do you have a calling for Public Service?  If so, consider attending the 2010 Equal Justice Works Conference & Career Fair on October 22-23.  This year’s conference, held in Bethesda, MD, will give you the opportunity to meet with several Public Interest employers, leaders and practitioners.  In order to apply, you must create an Equal Justice Works account.  Once you have created an account, then register to attend the conference.  This is a great opportunity!  Take a moment to review their program and tips for during and after the conference.  If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Career Planning.

BNA Insights – Inspiration for Paper Topics

BNA Insights are a new feature of BNA’s updated libraries, called Resource Centers.   The Labor and Employment Law Resource Center is now available.  Resources Centers on other topics will follow.   On the home page of the Resource Center, you will see:

  • Insights – 3 to 5 page expert analysis by attorneys and law professors.  Great for paper topic inspiration!
  • Video Insights – 5-10 minute interviews on hot topics
  • Infodash – obtain newspaper and journal articles
  • Latest cases of the day
  • People on the Move (news about lawyers and firms)
  • The link for the Indexes is now the bottom of the page

When you pull up a case in the Resource Center, there are links to other cases and analysis on point.

Search My BNA is another new feature.  From any BNA database, you can search across all the BNA databases to which the C|M|LAW Library subscribes.  Look for the link in the upper left  called “Search My BNA”.  Access BNA from the Electronic Resources Page or this list of BNA Databases we Subscribe to.

For those unfamiliar with BNA, BNA databases are (1) Extensive libraries with detailed subject analysis , primary source materials and current reports or (2) Current Reports, apprising readers of new cases and other developments.  Information on accessing BNA.

C|M|LAW Blog on Your Mobile Phone

The C|M|LAW blog is optimized for viewing on your mobile phone.    Create a bookmark to our blog and pull it up any time to kill boredom waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting at the doctor’s office, etc.

  1. Run a Google Search for CM Law Blog
  2. Select the result for our new blog, ie.  “C-M Law Library Blog | News and information useful to Cleveland…” .
  3. Bookmark  the C|M|LAW blog on your phone
  4. Find a blank area on your phone’s home page and create a shortcut to the bookmark


1L Orientation TWEN Quiz Answers Revealed

Congratulations again to Roxanne Rahamim, our 1L Orientation TWEN Quiz winner. Out of our 25 quiz takers, three people got a perfect score of 10 out of 10.We had a drawing to select our winner.

Quiz questions and correct answers are listed below. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Library’s 1L Orientation sessions.

#1 Using Scholar, the library catalog, find the record for the latest edition of the nutshell on  constitutional law. In what year was this edition published? (Hint: nutshells are popular study aids.) Correct answer: A. 2009

#2 In LexisNexis, find the U.S. Supreme Court case Tinker v. Des Moines  by its citation: 393 U.S. 503. Look at the Related Content for the case. What law review article is listed as being relevant? Correct answer: A. Students Do Leave Their First Amendment Rights at the Schoolhouse Gates: What’s Left of Tinker? 48 Drake L. Rev. 527

#3 There are a lot of other databases out there besides LexisNexis and Westlaw. Where would you find a list of them off of the Law Library’s homepage? Correct answer: C. Electronic Resources

#4 In a legal case citation, what do the numbers on the left and right side of the reporter name refer to? Correct answer: B. Left – number of reporter volume; right – page number case starts on in reporter volume.

#5 Using WestlawNext, type this search in the search box: Ohio landlord repair air conditioning. Then limit your results to secondary sources. You will find a result discussing the defective design or installation of air conditioning.  What is the name of the secondary source in which you would find this information? Correct answer: C. American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts 2d

#6 To what does “Boolean” searching refer? Correct answer: A. Entering a search with key words and “connectors” such as and, or, /s.

#7 What CALI lesson would help you learn how to do Ohio legal research? Correct answer: B. Ohio Legal Materials: Primary Sources, by David Fetrow and Nancy Armstrong

#8 What area or room in the Law Library is devoted to study aids and legal practice materials? Correct answer: C. A066

#9 Using BNA’s US Law Week/Supreme Court Today, which of the following cases concerns a landlord’s involvement with one tenant’s racial harassment of another tenant? [To help you get started, connect to BNA’s US Law Week/Supreme Court Today from the Law Library’s Electronic Services Web page.] Correct answer: B. Ohio Civil Rights Commission v. Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority, Ohio, No. 2008-Ohio-3320, 7/8/08.

#10 What information can you find about research or writing help on the Library’s Student Services Page? Correct answer: C. Both of the above.

Ohio AG – Simon Karas Fellowship

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office invites talented 3Ls or new lawyers to apply for the Simon Karas Fellowship.  The Fellowship offers one, 3L or new lawyer, each year, a chance to work as an appellate advocate on cases involving cutting-edge constitutional issues.  If you are interested in constitutional law, public policy, and public service, you should consider applying for the Simon Karas Fellowship.  The chosen candidate will work with the Solicitor General on appellate cases, at both the state and federal level.  Strong writing and analytical skills are a must.

The Fellowship begins in September 2011 through August 2012.   The application deadline is October 15, 2010.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Office of Career Planning.