1L Orientation TWEN Quiz Answers Revealed

Congratulations again to Roxanne Rahamim, our 1L Orientation TWEN Quiz winner. Out of our 25 quiz takers, three people got a perfect score of 10 out of 10.We had a drawing to select our winner.

Quiz questions and correct answers are listed below. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Library’s 1L Orientation sessions.

#1 Using Scholar, the library catalog, find the record for the latest edition of the nutshell on  constitutional law. In what year was this edition published? (Hint: nutshells are popular study aids.) Correct answer: A. 2009

#2 In LexisNexis, find the U.S. Supreme Court case Tinker v. Des Moines  by its citation: 393 U.S. 503. Look at the Related Content for the case. What law review article is listed as being relevant? Correct answer: A. Students Do Leave Their First Amendment Rights at the Schoolhouse Gates: What’s Left of Tinker? 48 Drake L. Rev. 527

#3 There are a lot of other databases out there besides LexisNexis and Westlaw. Where would you find a list of them off of the Law Library’s homepage? Correct answer: C. Electronic Resources

#4 In a legal case citation, what do the numbers on the left and right side of the reporter name refer to? Correct answer: B. Left – number of reporter volume; right – page number case starts on in reporter volume.

#5 Using WestlawNext, type this search in the search box: Ohio landlord repair air conditioning. Then limit your results to secondary sources. You will find a result discussing the defective design or installation of air conditioning.  What is the name of the secondary source in which you would find this information? Correct answer: C. American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts 2d

#6 To what does “Boolean” searching refer? Correct answer: A. Entering a search with key words and “connectors” such as and, or, /s.

#7 What CALI lesson would help you learn how to do Ohio legal research? Correct answer: B. Ohio Legal Materials: Primary Sources, by David Fetrow and Nancy Armstrong

#8 What area or room in the Law Library is devoted to study aids and legal practice materials? Correct answer: C. A066

#9 Using BNA’s US Law Week/Supreme Court Today, which of the following cases concerns a landlord’s involvement with one tenant’s racial harassment of another tenant? [To help you get started, connect to BNA’s US Law Week/Supreme Court Today from the Law Library’s Electronic Services Web page.] Correct answer: B. Ohio Civil Rights Commission v. Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority, Ohio, No. 2008-Ohio-3320, 7/8/08.

#10 What information can you find about research or writing help on the Library’s Student Services Page? Correct answer: C. Both of the above.