BNA Insights – Inspiration for Paper Topics

BNA Insights are a new feature of BNA’s updated libraries, called Resource Centers.   The Labor and Employment Law Resource Center is now available.  Resources Centers on other topics will follow.   On the home page of the Resource Center, you will see:

  • Insights – 3 to 5 page expert analysis by attorneys and law professors.  Great for paper topic inspiration!
  • Video Insights – 5-10 minute interviews on hot topics
  • Infodash – obtain newspaper and journal articles
  • Latest cases of the day
  • People on the Move (news about lawyers and firms)
  • The link for the Indexes is now the bottom of the page

When you pull up a case in the Resource Center, there are links to other cases and analysis on point.

Search My BNA is another new feature.  From any BNA database, you can search across all the BNA databases to which the C|M|LAW Library subscribes.  Look for the link in the upper left  called “Search My BNA”.  Access BNA from the Electronic Resources Page or this list of BNA Databases we Subscribe to.

For those unfamiliar with BNA, BNA databases are (1) Extensive libraries with detailed subject analysis , primary source materials and current reports or (2) Current Reports, apprising readers of new cases and other developments.  Information on accessing BNA.