Study Aids Apps

As you may know, we offer West Academic Study Aids online.  Series in our subscription include: Nutshells, Acing Series, Concepts and Insights, Gilbert Summaries, and Sum and Substance Audio. There are also subject matter overviews, interactive questions, exam style questions, outlines, videos, and case briefs.  Full instructions are here.

Online study aids from Aspen Publishing are available online as well. Series in our subscription include:  Examples & Explanations, Glannon Guides, Emanuel Law Outlines, Emanuel CrunchTime, and more.  There are more than 200 titles plus video and audio lectures, covering 30 topics in our subscription.  Full instructions are here.

Both online study aids offer apps for listening and reading the study aids.  Aspen just has one app for both listening and reading while West Academic uses the RedShelf app for reading and the West Academic Audio app for listening.