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Tips for Bar Prep

barAs someone who passed the Ohio State Bar exam, here are some tips that I used and found helpful when studying:

  1. Free time/downtime: Although you obviously need to be studying a lot, it’s important to still get exercise (even just a walk to clear your mind).  Also, try to set aside a period of time (30 mins to an hour) to do something you like that is non-law related.  Suggestions would be a hobby, a tv show, sports, music, talking to loved ones.  Keeping this in mind I feel helps you to decompress and stay connected to non-law related things in your life.
  2. Stay positive: Keep working hard and try not to let negative thoughts creep into your mindset.  Also, try to be around positive people—it is infectious!
  3. Study: Most of you are using a Bar prep class (in fact all C|M|Law students get Barbri as part of their tuition—whoo hoo!), so stick as close as you can to their schedule.  I felt planning each day of studying in advance to be a helpful way to stay on track.  If you get behind plan out a way to catch up.
  4. Places to study: I found it was good to change up the places I did studying to keep things fresh.  However, be prepared to move if you find the place chosen is too noisy or distracting.
  5. MBE: The Multi-State part of the bar can make or break your exam.  I suggest doing as many practice questions as possible and review the answers you get incorrect.

While the above are my personal suggestions, I thought the read might also find a few extra bar exam advice articles of use:

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Site Change for July 2015 Ohio Bar Exam

ohio-flag-imageThe bar exam exam will be held July 28-30, 2015, at the Roberts Centre next to I-71 at Rt. 68.  The center is located between Columbus and Cincinnati on I-71.  It is an approximately 50 minute drive from downtown Columbus and downtown Cincinnati and about a 30 minute drive from downtown Dayton.  For those familiar with the Jeffersonville outlet mall, the center is south of the outlet mall exit and about a 10-15 minute drive from the exit.  The center is also located very near Wilmington, Ohio.  Parking at the Roberts Centre is free.


A Holiday Inn with over 100 guest rooms is located at the center.  The telephone number for the Holiday Inn is 937-283-3200 (locally) or 1-800-654-7036.  Additionally, there are several hotels within 20 miles of the center.  Staff from the Roberts Centre has contacted these hotels to let them know that law schools and/or applicants may be contacting them soon regarding reservations for the July 2015 exam.  The hotels are as follows:


Name Location Distance Phone
Wilmington Inn Wilmington, OH 6.6 miles 855-828-1972
Hampton Inn Wilmington, OH 9.3 miles 937-382-4400
Holiday Inn Express Wilmington, OH 9.34 miles 937-382-5858
Hampton Inn Jeffersonville, OH 15.5 miles 740-948-9499
Baymont Inn Jeffersonville, OH 15.6 miles 740-948-2104
Fairfield Inn & Suites Jeffersonville, OH 16.09 miles 740-948-9305
Ramada Inn Xenia, OH 16.38 miles 937-372-9921
Hearthstone Inn & Suite Cedarville, OH 19.29 miles 855-802-2162
Quality Inn Jeffersonville, OH 19.4 miles 740-426-4600
Holiday Inn Express Dayton-Centerville, OH 20.32 miles 800-315-2621



The location of the Roberts Centre will also allow some applicants to drive to and from the exam each day; however, there should be plenty of hotel space available within a 10-20 minute drive of the center.
You can read more about the Roberts Centre at

Faculty Bar Exam Prep Lectures

IMG_9514C|M|LAW announces the Faculty Bar Exam Prep Series / Winter 2015, February 9th and 10th.

C|M|LAW faculty members provide instruction on a variety of Bar Exam related topics (see schedule below), each session is one hour. Sessions help recent C|M|LAW alumni with their Bar Exam prep. Come to clarify difficult issues and answer last minute questions.

Bar Exam and Character & Fitness Reminders!

The Application to Take the February 2015 Bar Examination is due November 3, 2014.
The Application is located at:
2L students Ohio Character and Fitness Application Due on November 17, 2014
The Application is located at:


Director of Ohio Office of Bar Admissions Coming to CM This Week

The Director of the Ohio Office of Bar Admissions will be be at Cleveland Marshall on Wednesday 10/1/14 from 4 to 6 pm in the Moot Court Room. She will discuss the Character and Fitness process and she will be able to address your individual issues after her talk.

Food will be provided.

Please contact Mary Jane McGinty at 216.687.2297 or with any questions or concerns.