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IT and Law Library Orientation Now Open for 1Ls

In conjunction with C|M|Law’s Jump Start program for students starting school in the fall, the Information Technology department and law library are offering orientation materials on a drop-in basis.

How it works:

  1. Come by the research services office (Room 112) across from the circulation desk during normal hours.
  2. You will meet and talk with one of our librarians, who will give you a scavenger hunt handout and IT information for your law school computer accounts. The scavenger hunt takes 20-30 minutes and will help you get orientated to the law library and IT services.
  3. Upon completion of the scavenger hunt, give your results to a librarian in Room 112, at which point you will be given registration information for Lexis, Westlaw, CALI, and Scholar along with information on our legal research seminars and digital badge program.
  4. All students who complete the scavenger hunt will be entered into a contest for a $50 Amazon gift card; the drawing will be held during the first full week of classes.

Am Jur and Friends – Practical Help for Working a Case

You’re probably familiar with American Jurisprudence 2d (and its counterpart CJS), the national legal encyclopedia that can quickly get you up to speed on a legal issue and direct you towards primary law and practice materials. What’s less well known, is that AmJur is part of a suite of resources called the Total Client-Service Library (TCSL). Before being bought by Westlaw, AmJur was published by Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company, which came up with the idea of the TCSL, which Westlaw has since continued. An addition to AmJur, the TCSL includes four additional titles, all of which are available on Westlaw –

Am Jur Proof of Facts Say you have a case involving medical malpractice related to organ or tissue transplant. AmJur Proof of Facts gives you an overview of the topic, what claims and defenses are available, the elements of proof, motions and forms, interrogatories, and more. Basically everything you need for the preparation and proving of facts at trial.

Am Jur Trials  — In a litigation about malpractice involving burns in a surgical procedure, for example, Am Jur Trials gives you trial tactics and strategies, including tips on discovery, admissibility of evidence, summary judgment, damages, and direct and cross examination. Things like checklists, forms, opening statements, and litigation aids and charts are also included in Am Jur Trials.

Am Jur Pleading and Practice Forms – Here you’ll find over 43,000 forms on all aspects of state and federal litigation, arranged by topic. For example, in the context of insolvency, you’ll see forms for the appointment of receivers, petitions, orders, notice to creditors, complaints in federal court, and more.

Am Jur Legal Forms – Unlike Am Jur Pleading and Practice Forms, this set is not litigation oriented. So you’ll find forms covering all sort of topics like patents, product liability, real estate sales, trusts, and the UCC. Besides the forms themselves, you’ll see checklists, tips, and advice for completing the forms. Sometimes you’ll find alternative clauses to aid in drafting.

Law Library Legal Research Seminars – Always Available for You!

Law Library Legal Research Seminars are for C|M|LAW students, including our MLS and LLM students.  The Seminars are continuously available online via the Westlaw TWEN platform.  You earn points for completing an online Seminar by correctly answering 3/4 of the questions on that Seminar’s quiz.  Your Seminar points are good for the entire time you are here at C|M|LAW.  When you earn 100 points, you are awarded a Law Library Legal Research Letter of Recognition and a Digital Badge, which you can post to your LinkedIn page.  You can earn multiple Letters and Digital Badges.  Here are the currently available online Law Library Legal Research Seminars:

  • Starting Research with Secondary Sources – Why recreate the wheel? Examine how secondary sources explain and analyze “the law” for you, as well as cite primary authority. [17:02 mins; 12.5 points]
  • Westlaw Overview – [10:48 mins; 12.5 points] – Leap beyond Google and start to harness this legal research gtiant. Understand big box and pre-filtered searching, as well as how to print/download/email search results.
  • KeyCite – [10:16 mins; 12.5 points] – Why is a red flag different from a yellow flag, and what should you do when you see either one? Learn how to use the Westlaw citator service to update and expand your research.
  • Lexis Advance Overview – [21:11 mins; 12.5 points] – One more time, leap beyond Google and start to harness this legal research gtiant. Understand big box and pre-filtered searching, as well as how to print/download/email search results.
  • Shepard’s – [11:54 mins; 12.5 points] – Why is a red stop sign different from a yellow triangle, and what should you do when you see either one? Learn how to use the Lexis Advance citator service to update and expand your research.
  • Terms & Connectors Searching – Explore the power of search techniques beyond natural language searching. Learn the basics of combining terms & phrases in effective search statements. [10:48 mins; 12.5 points]
  • Bluebooking – For faster legal drafting, review how to effectively apply citation and style rules, as well as abbreviation and jurisdiction tables. [38:47 mins; 25 points]
  • Administrative Law – [29:59 mins; 25 points] Break through the mysteries of agency rulemaking and case adjudication. Learn the key resources for finding federal and Ohio agency regulations and decisions.
  • Bioethics Resources & Scholarly Writing – Examine a wide array of bioethics resources, and learn how these resources can be used to select a paper topic and conduct effective research on that topic. [28:33 mins; 25 points]

For more information on the Law Library Legal Research Seminars, contact Laura Ray, Outreach & Instructional Services Librarian.

Have a Research Question at an Odd Hour? Westlaw and Lexis have 24/7 Support

It’s late, the library is closed, and you need some research help finding some cases—don’t fret. You aren’t alone, because LexisNexis and Westlaw offer 24/7 research support staffed by representatives with law degrees.

Westlaw can be reached at 1-800-850-WEST (9378); select Research Assistance.

Lexis can be reached at 1-800-45-LEXIS (53947).

Both databases offer the same support via chat features when signed in.

Use a Title Search to Get Information in Secondary Sources on Westlaw and Lexis

The number and breadth of secondary sources on Westlaw and Lexis can be overwhelming. Even running a pointed search may still produce hundreds of documents, which is where segments (Lexis) and fields (Westlaw) can be most helpful. In both services, secondary materials have a TITLE segment/field that can be found by going into Advanced Search, allowing you to search just one part of the document. By running the TITLE search, you are just searching the article or section title only for that word or words, limiting your results and likely providing more accurate results.