Law Library Research Seminars – Earn Digital Badge & Recognition Letter

Law Library Legal Research Seminar LogoThe C|M|Law Library provides numerous Legal Research Seminars to help you develop your research skills.  Law Library Legal Research Seminars are available online as a “Course” on the Westlaw TWEN platform.  [Connect to TWEN, select Manage Courses – Add Course, then select “C|M|Law Library Legal Research Seminars.”]  Our Legal Research Seminars cover Lexis and Westlaw resources, effective searching on Lexis and Westlaw, Bluebooking, Administrative Law, Legislative History, Family Law, Foreign Law, Secondary sources, HeinOnline resources, Research on the Web, Study Aids, and the Scholar Catalog.  Beyond their topical legal areas, several of our Legal Research Seminars discuss social justice research issues or cost-effective research methods.  C|M|Law students are welcome to complete the quiz accompanying each of our Legal Research Seminars to earn points.  When you earn 100 points, you are awarded a “Legal Research Letter of Recognition” and a Digital Badge, which you can share on social networks, blogs, and websites.  For more information on the C|M|Law Library Legal Research Seminars, contact