C|M|LAW April Racial Equity & Social Justice Challenge

image of C|M|Law flagC|M|LAW students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in the “April C|M|LAW Racial Equity & Social Justice Challenge.”  A syllabus of readings, podcasts, videos, and seminars is posted on the home page of the Social Justice and Antiracism Resources guide.  Engage with any, or all, of these materials throughout this month of April.  A “Challenge Reflection Log” is also provided, for participants who would like to record their thoughts.  Dean Fisher fully supports the April Challenge, and intends to participate.  Co-Chairs from the C|M|Law Racial Justice Task Force compiled the syllabus for the April Challenge Syllabus.  New syllabi will be periodically compiled for future Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenges.