Contribute to the C|M|LAW COVID-19 Archive

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 is a historic crisis that has brought unprecedented changes to our world, and future generations will want to understand how we coped with the enormous challenges we are facing. This project is an attempt to capture and document the impact of, and our responses to, the events surrounding this crisis.

Your contribution can help researchers of the future to understand the social and economic effects of the pandemic on the C|M|LAW community. We are collecting materials in a digital format created by C|M|LAW students, staff, faculty, alumni, and affiliates during these extraordinary times. The materials will be housed in the university’s institutional repository Engaged Scholarship.

Your submission can be anything you’re willing to share: notes, poems, drawings, photos, interviews, videos, etc. Even seemingly uneventful experiences that have become our ‘new normal’ will be of great interest to researchers in the future, so please feel free to submit anything that’s meaningful to you! You can submit as many items as you like.

More information is available here, including the link to the submission form.