LexisAdvance is Here!

LexisAdvance, Lexis’s answer to WestlawNext is now available for students and faculty.  Similar to WestlawNext, LexisAdvance has an all-in-one search box, enhanced natural language searching and folders to store your research.  Some features exclusive to LexisAdvance include:

  •  Results from the open web in a separate tab
  •  Legal issue trail to key in on a passage in a case and obtain cases that cited that passage.
  • Wordwheel which offers suggested terms while you are typing.
  • Opens various steps in the  research process in a new tab, making it easier to go back and forth between results.
  • Work carousel (see picture to the right) which allows one to easily toggle between folders, search history, recent and favorite filters and alerts.
  • Innovations Research Map – a graphical depiction of your search history.
  • Shepard’s Graphical – a graphical map showing the history of subsequent citing cases, as well as subsequent direct history so you can easily see whether a case has been overruled.

You can use terms and connectors in LexisAdvance, if desired.  The same Classic Lexis terms and connectors will work, but the “official LexisAdvance” terms and connectors are slightly different than on Classic Lexis.   For example, LexisAdvance Syntax is w/sent instead of w/s to make the words appear in the same sentence.  To see the connectors, click on the Search Tips link in the upper right of the search box.  Segment searches such as court(eighth) will not work in LexisAdvance.

Get a Document and Find a Source are coming soon.  It looks like the easiest way to pull up a document by citation on LexisAdvance at the present time is to click on Shepardize, enter the citation, then click on the case name associated with that citation.

At present, LexisAdvance does not let you pick a  certain source before you search (for example, Ohio Jurisprudence), but that feature is coming soon.  You can prefilter a search for jurisdiction, subject and/or type of document.  Filtering by source can be done after you run the search.

Some sources are not yet available on LexisAdvance, such as some Matthew Bender treatises, Ohio Jurisprudence and American Jurisprudence, but these will be on LexisAdvance in the summer.  To see the current content, click on Help, and then Content Listing.

You  should have received an email with the subject line: Register Now to Upgrade to Lexis Advance.   More information on Lexis Advance can be found when you log into Lexis.  Just click on the image: