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Meet a Database: CALI to Help You Study and Review

CALI lessons are interactive, computer-based tutorials published by the non-profit Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction. With our school’s membership, you have access to hundreds of lessons in dozens of subjects: ConLaw, CivPro, Torts, Property, Contracts—all 1L classes and many upper-level subjects are covered.

You must have an account with CALI to access the lessons; registration requires our school’s authorization code. Get the CALI authorization code by clicking on the link and signing in to your C|M|LAW account (CSU ID and password).

Check out all the databases available for research from our database page.


Meet a Treatise: Americans with Disabilities Act: Employee Rights and Employer Obligations

Americans with Disabilities Act: Employee Rights and Employer Obligations by  Lewis Smoak, Homer Deakins, Peter Nash, J. Hamilton Stewart, III, and Frank Ogletree and edited by Jonathon Mook is geared toward the practitioner but helpful to students and laypeople alike. The step-by-step guidance shows the reader how to meet all ADA legal requirements dealing with employment policies.

Don’t forget to check out the sections of our Major Legal Treatises guide dealing with disabilities and labor & employment law for more titles.

Meet a Database: US Supreme Court Records and Briefs

U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs is a great tool for historical research on Supreme Court decisions. This database is from Gale and covers court records and briefs from 1832-1978. Note: the database doesn’t contain the case opinions, which are available many other places.

Under the “Basic Search” options users can search by date, docket number, or US Reports citation. Keyword searching is also available. When searching keywords, you can search the entire document, or by author or case name. The “Advanced Search” options allow users to combine multiple keywords (using AND, OR, and NOT connectors), as well as search by document type (e.g. Amicus Brief, Appellee’s Brief, etc.).

You will need your CSU ID number and PIN to access Supreme Court Records and Briefs.

Make sure to check out all the databases available for research from our database page.

Meet a Treatise: Collier on Bankruptcy

William Miller Collier (1867-1956) was United States Ambassador to Spain and Chile and the president of George Washington University. As a lawyer, he wrote Collier on Bankruptcy in addition to writing or editing several other law books, including a treatise on the Civil Service.

This bankruptcy law treatise provides analysis of all provisions of the Bankruptcy Code (title 11 U.S.C.) and the Bankruptcy Rules, along with a comprehensive collection of commercial and consumer bankruptcy forms. It is considered one of the preeminent sources regarding bankruptcy. Edited by Alan Resnick and Henry Sommer, it is now in its 16th edition.

Collier is available on Lexis.

Meet a Treatise: The Law of Seamen on Westlaw

Cleveland is on an international border in our Great Lake Erie. Shipping to and from the Port of Cleveland has been an important part of the history of the city and still contributes to the local economy.

The Law of Seamen, available on Westlaw and now in its fifth edition, is an important treatise dealing with sailors as part of Maritime and Admiralty law. Specifically, this tome covers the law governing the rights and obligations of merchant seamen, including relevant statutes, rules, and case law.

Topics include: jurisdiction, duties of American and foreign counsels, relevant Administrative law, shipping articles log books, desertion and other offenses, crew salvage, liens, the wreck statute, master and crew duties, seaworthiness, wages, and many more.