On the 54th Anniversary of the Moon Landing Check Out Our Space Law Materials

Today is the 54th anniversary of the first people landing on the moon, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight CSU|LAW’s Global Space Law Center and space law materials.

HeinOnline’s Air and Space Law database “covers the multitude of ways humans interact with and explore the earthly skies and distant reaches of outer space.” Topics include “the role of aviation in an interconnected global economy”; aviation’s “function as a means of travel, airline deregulation, passenger screening protocols, administrative bodies and more”; and “the advances in and impact of space exploration in day-to-day technologies, from the 20th century’s race to the moon, space shuttle disasters, proliferation of satellites, and the increasing numbers of commercial entities and their stakes in outer space.” Database materials include books, periodicals, scholarly articles, US Code Title 51, selected US Public Law legislative histories, US Congressional Committee prints and hearings, US Code of Federal Regulations Title 14Congressional Research Service ReportsUS Government Accountability Office Reports, as well as links to selected organizational websites and research guides (such as the Law Library’s Space Law Research Guide).