Lexis Legal Research Certification

Want to practice your legal research skills and learn some new ones? How about getting a certification to add to your resume? If you answered yes, consider Lexis Legal Research Certification. The certification is an excellent way to prove you can perform online legal research efficiently and effectively to potential employers.

There are two parts to the certification: Proficiency Certification to reinforce the research lessons learned in your law school research and writing class, and Practice-Ready Certification to learn the practical research skills attorneys use every day in the practice of law.

Also, don’t forget that the CSU|LAW Library provides numerous Legal Research Seminars to help you get up to speed. Our seminars cover Lexis and Westlaw resources, effective searching on Lexis and Westlaw, Bluebooking, Administrative Law, Legislative History, Family Law, Foreign Law, HeinOnline resources, Online Research, Law Library Study Aids, and the Scholar Catalog.