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Archive for May 5th, 2022

If Roe Falls, HB 480 in Ohio Looks to Ban Abortion in State

With the leak of a draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, Ohio’s HB 480 currently under consideration by the legislature may be of interest to legal researchers.  HB 480 looks to make abortion illegal and create a private right of action to enforce the prohibition.  The prohibition on abortion would not be able to be enforced by elected officials but only through private civil actions with a reward of $10,000 per abortion available.  View the full official legislature analysis.


Well-Being Week in Law, May 2-6, Thursday: Connect – Social Well-Being

Connect: Social Well-Being 
How to Participate in Well-Being Week Today? 

WATCH THIS: Creating More Lollipop Moments, TEDx talk, 6 mins. Drew Dudley talks about how
everyday acts of kindness or social connection can have a large impact.

READ THIS: Want Stronger Relationships at Work? Change the Way You Listen, by Manbir Kaur.
Conversations that encourage cooperation and understanding result in the release
of hormones like oxytocin that reinforce a bonding experience.

DO THIS: Be a Joy Multiplier. Read about how enthusiastically responding to others’ good
news (called Active Constructive Responding or ACR) builds trust and connection.
Then peruse an ACR Worksheet created by the Consortium for Health and Military
Performance (yes, the U.S. military teaches ACR!) and get started today practicing
your ACR skills to build stronger relationships.

“That which isn’t good for the hive, isn’t good for the bee.” – Marcus Aurelius

For more information, see: Institute for Well-Being in Law 

For wellness resources in the library, see our Mental Health and Well-Being resource guide and check out our Wellness Book Collection in the Ohio Room.