Register for CALI

What is CALI? CALI (The Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction) is a non-profit consortium that focuses on computer legal instruction. Most members are U.S. law schools.

Where can you get access to CALI? The easiest way is from the law library’s homepage; under “Quicklinks,” click CALI. To create a login, click the link for “Authorization Code” under “Quicklinks” and follow the steps.  The CALI registration information was also included in the folder first year students received at law library and IT orientation.

What can I use CALI for? All 1L classes are covered via CALI lessons, as are the vast majority of upper-level ones. You can also search for lessons based on a casebook or author (professor). Searching by casebook assures that the lesson will be based on the same casebook used in your class.

CALI also offers a large number of free ebooks, which are authored by law school professors, including U.S. Federal Income Taxation of Individuals by C|M|Law professor Deborah Geier.

Finally, CALI has a useful search feature. The search box is located in the upper-right corner of the screen and yields lessons, ebooks, and blog posts.