Learn about Blockchain at C|M|Law

Several computers arranged in a circle and connected by lines to symbolize a network.Blockchain is described as a “digital ledger,” or a database made up of blocks of bundled records that are linked together in a chain and shared across a network of computers. Once a record is in the chain, it is difficult to alter. This makes blockchain very secure and is why it has been used for things like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but it has many other possible uses. Potential uses in the legal field, and other legal implications, led C|M|Law to join the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium. Additionally, two C|M|Law students founded the  CSU Blockchain Law & Business Association. The Library has numerous resources available, and don’t forget about our Cybersecurity Research Guide.

An introductory video and a few other demos can be found at CS-SIS blog, anders.com, and Reuters.



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