Updates to Leadership Law Products

Hopefully you aware of the law library’s subscription to Leadership Law products. We have access to the following Leadership Directories: Federal Premium and Law Premium. The directories can be accessed in the law school or library and also off campus (with CSU ID and Scholar Pin for law students and law faculty).

The Federal Premium Leadership Directory is a directory of federal government employees. Users can search for individuals or agencies, departments, bureaus and programs. You can also view organizational charts. The Directory also contains a handy acronym guide which is very useful when researching the Federal government.

The Law Premium Leadership Directory is a directory of law firms, courts, government agencies and lobbyists. Besides searching for individuals and firms, users can browse by specialty, and law school alma mater.

Last week the product development team at Leadership Directories released an upgrade. The improvements are focused on the various search options in the products and include both functionality and design enhancements.

Below are highlights of the changes:

⇒ Upgraded Keyword Search Functionality

When you enter keywords that match the names of both people and organizations, you will now see results for both immediately on screen, without the need to scroll. Buttons to see more or fewer results for each help you quickly access the information you’re looking for.

⇒ Build a List & Advanced Search: Design Enhancements

All search screen and pop-up designs were enhanced to be more streamlined, simplified, and modern. In addition, certain Build a List pop-ups, such as Stock Exchange, Career, and Outside Affiliations, also received custom redesigns that make it easier for you to find and select criteria.

⇒ Build a List & Advanced Search: New Buttons for Advancing Through Results

With so many available search criteria within each index, sometimes you need to search before you search. The new navigation through available search criteria makes this easier.

As always, if you have any questions regarding these products your friendly law librarians are here to help.