Fair Housing Clinic Gets TRO to Prevent Eviction Due to Assistance Dog

The Fair Housing Clinic obtained a temporary restraining order to halt the eviction of a disabled women being evicted because she has a service animal.

Professor Ed Kramer, Brad Eier, Of Counsel and Gerald Henn law student of the Fair Housing Clinic and the Office of Ohio Attorney Michael Dewine and Assistant Ohio Attorney General Marilyn Tobocman acted to get the TRO, which will stop any eviction until a preliminary injunction hearing can be held. A complaint was filed for declaratory judgment, temporary, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, and damages for discrimination on the basis of handicap in the rental of housing pursuant to the Ohio Fair Housing Act of 1965, as amended, ORC §§ 4112.02 et seq. The Defendants are the owners, managers, and/or employees of a residential apartment complex.

UPDATE:  A partial settlement was reached on December 22, where the apartment complex agreed to drop the eviction, making the preliminary injunction issue moot.  The claims for a permanent injunction and damages are still pending.

Photo: Prof Ed Kramer, Laurie Schlemann, Attorney Brad Eier and Brutus with TRO Order at the Justice Center