Happy Bastille Day – French Constitution and Veil Ban

For those interested in the French Constitution, see Bastille Day and the French Constitution, posted on the Constitutional Law Prof Blog last year.  The post mentions constitutional issues surrounding the ban of veils (or scarf or hijab) in France.  For an update on this issue, see:    France  Constitutional Court Approves Burqa Ban (Jurist),  France Starts Ban on Full Face Veil, Fact Box on Veils in Europe (Rueters), Is the French Veil Ban Unconstitutional? (Belfer Center), and Couple to Challenge French Veil Ban (World News Australia, re. law suit in the European Court of Human Rights).

For those interested in celebrating Bastille day with some classic rock and images of the French revolution, check out this Rush video.

Photo:  14 July Parade 1 by  Ammar Abd Rabbo