Casemaker CaseCheck Plus – Improved Citator for Additional Fee

You may be familiar with Casemaker‘s  Casecheck, a Shepard’s-like feature which provides a list of cases that have cited the case in question.   What Casecheck does not provide are the signals and analysis provided in Shepards and Keycite – ie.  red stop signs, red and yellow flags and designations such as followed, overruled and distinguished.

Now, for an additional fee, CaseCheck Plus provides signals at the top of each case indicating whether the case has received any treatment such as overruled, questioned, superseded, modified, etc.  and a link to the case which gave the negative treatment.   More citing references are accessible on the righthand side of the case.    The cases affecting your case are listed first with icons for questioned, overruled, etc. and the cases citing your case are listed next.














CaseCheck Plus costs $19.95 per month or  $199.95 per year or $4.95 per day.  There is a free 14 day trial – see this postcard for how to get a free trial.

For those unfamiliar with Casemaker, see our prior post.