Better Way to Create Westlaw Links: Westlaw Watch

The Westlaw Integrated Solutions linkbuilder has problems now that our school has WestlawNext.     A much better and easier way to create links to Westlaw documents, keycites of specific documents and Westlaw databases,  is to use Westlaw Watch,  Sign on with your OnePass username and password.  Click on Create (in the upper right), then select “Westlaw Module”.  The links created via Westlaw Watch go to Classic Westlaw, not WestlawNext.

What is wrong with  Westlaw Integrated Solutions linkbuilder?   If one creates a link to a Keycite for a specific document, the link goes to WestlawNext but does not provide the actual Keycite.   Links to a document, such as a case, go to WestlawNext and links to some databases go to WestlawNext.  A working link to WestlawNext would be O.K., except WestlawNext does not print to the Westlaw printers and counts against the student’s 1,000 page allotment in the lab.

By the way, links created by TWEN (when a document containing citations is uploaded to TWEN)  link to classic Westlaw, not WestlawNext.

Westlaw says there will be a new linkbuilder specifically for WestlawNext sometime in the future.

UPDATE:  Westlaw fixed the problem with the Keycite links.