FYI: Sources for Finding Mandated Reports to Congress by U.S. Federal Agencies

From our friend Rick McKinney, Assistant Law Librarian, Federal Reserve Board Law Library, Washington, DC 20551:

“The Law Librarians’ Society of Washington, D.C., Inc. (LLSDC) is pleased to announce the availability on its Legislative Source Book Website of a new title called “Sources for Finding Mandated Reports to Congress by U.S. Federal Agencies” The site briefly describes and links to sources that list or may make available reports from Federal agencies mandated by Congressional statute. Other matters discussed include where the text of report provisions can be found in the law, who receives the reports, sunsetted report provisions that remain in the U.S. Code, general reporting provisions applicable to most agencies, and other matters.

As questions about locating these mandated reports have arisen recently on various listservs, it is hoped that this site will be helpful in answering future queries.

LLSDC’s Legislative Source Book has many other helpful guides and listings. Of recent note is the expansion of the site “Legislative Histories of Selected U.S. Laws on the Internet” so that the site had to be broken into four related sites: 1) legislative histories on the free Internet, 2) commercial legislative histories by popular name order, 3) commercial legislative histories by public law number order, and 4) explanatory notes. Combined, the sites list and directly link to more than 200 legislative histories.”