The Legislative Insight Collection from ProQuest

The Legislative Insight Collection from ProQuest is a Federal legislative history service containing full-text publications created by Congress during the process leading up to the enactment of Public Laws.

The following document types may be included in a legislative history: bills, reports, hearings, CRS reports, committee prints, Congressional Record entries, and presidential signing statements.

You can find a legislative history in Legislative Insight several ways:

  • Browse by Congress and by number in each Congress using the list on the left of the homepage
  • Enter one of the known citations for the law into the “Citation Checker”- the Public Law number, the Statutes at Large citation, or the enacted Bill number
  • Type the Popular Name or descriptive terms into the Search box on the home screen to search for matching enactments or amendments
  • Click on the Popular Name table link below the Search Box to open and browse the list
  • Search using a Title and Section number of the US Code to find the public law that enacted or amended it; e.g. 18 NEAR/3 879, or “42 USCS 2000e”

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