Is It Haunted? The Law of Cemeteries in Ohio

Like certain houses, cemeteries sometimes earn a haunted reputation. Lake View Cemetery, with its creepy “The Angel of Death Victorious” statue, tops the list of haunted locales around Cleveland.

There’s plenty of law around cemeteries, too. To start your research, you might want to check out Ohio Cemetery Law, a helpful overview in the Legislative Service Commission’s Members Brief series. Chapter 4767 of the Ohio Revised Code lays out the statutes on cemetery registration. Ohio’s legal encyclopedia, Ohio Jurisprudence 3d, has a spookily named chapter on Cemeteries and Dead Bodies, 14 Oh. Jur. 3d 307. Finally, you can learn more about dying or getting injured in a cemetery in American Law Reports, 63 A.L.R. 3d 1252. A librarian can help you locate any of these sources.

Happy Halloween!