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Archive for November 17th, 2022

Need a Black Letter Outline? Try West Academic’s Online Study Aids

Black Letter Law Outlines such as Criminal Procedure are available through West Academic Study Aids. To access the study aids, you must log into the law school proxy server using the 7-digit CSU ID number and the password you use to log into the computer lab. You also have the option to create a personal account. Full instructions are available here.

Access to the study aids is unlimited, so use them as often as you like.

To view all titles, go to our West Academic subscription.

Ohio Secondary Sources Research Guide

Secondary Sources can be incredibly helpful in legal research. These sources are typically used to help you, the researcher, with interpretation or analysis of primary sources. Secondary sources include things like legal dictionaries, law reviews, treatises, and restatements. 

If you are looking for a secondary source for any Ohio related research, check out the Law Library’s Ohio Secondary Sources Legal Research Guide. The guide will show you how to find and use secondary sources, practice materials, law review articles, and much more.