Ohio’s 8/2/2022 Special/Primary Election and Legislative Maps

image of Seal of OhioOhio is having another primary election on Tuesday 8/2/2022, and the deadline for eligible voters to register to vote is Tuesday 7/5/2022.  One can register online or mail a paper form to one’s County Board of Elections.  The 8/2/2022 Special/Primary election will concern candidates for Ohio legislative positions.  The Ohio 5/3/2022 Primary Election concerned candidates for U.S. Senator, as well as candidates for Ohio Governor, Lieutenant Governor, several state executive positions, and several state and county judicial positions.  The 8/2/2022 Special/Primary election became necessary because of delays determining valid state legislative district maps.  On 2/7,  3/16 and 4/14, the Ohio Supreme Court rejected legislative maps drawn up by the Ohio Redistricting Commission (ORC), thereby preventing candidates for legislative positions from appearing on the 5/3 Primary Election ballot.  On 4/20, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio Eastern Division ruled that if legislative maps were not approved by the Ohio Supreme Court by 5/28, they would order a 8/2 special/primary election date using the 3rd set of maps drawn up by the ORC.  On 5/25, the Ohio Supreme Court again rejected the ORC maps, and the U.S. District Court ruling took effect on 5/28.