Judge4Yourself Website for Judicial Candidate Information

Most voters are unaware of the names and qualifications of the people they see on their ballot. Lawyers and librarians often hear from people regarding judges who are running. Judge4Yourself is a helpful website for voters in Cuyahoga County to get judicial candidate information. Judge4Yourself.com’s ratings are made by five cooperating bar associations with the help of dozens of experienced lawyers, many who work in the courts every day. The candidates are interviewed and the website posts their answers to the questionnaire. Additionally, the input of lawyers who know their work is sought after and reviewed.

Judge4Yourself.com then issues a rating, which is non-partisan.

According to the Judge4Yourself website, “We care only whether the candidates will be competent, fair and trustworthy judges. So we focus on each candidate’s integrity, knowledge, experience and diligence, and on every candidate’s ability to be impartial, even-tempered and respectful to the people who must come to court.”