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Archive for October 14th, 2021

Courtyard Art Installations

A collection of three sculptural groups, Reflect/Radiate/Accumulate, can be found in the law library’s courtyard. It consists of two sculpted boulders and an iron sheet. The title uses words generally associated with water, light, and particles to describe hard, heavy materials. This interaction between perception and preconception forces the viewer to reframe their mind in order to accommodate the piece.

One boulder, representing “Reflect,” has a wavy, reflective surface. It is expertly carved to create the illusion that one could dip their finger into the surface of a small pool of choppy waters. The other boulder, representing “Radiate,” is carved with undulating ripples originating at one edge, like the traces of a rock thrown into a once-tranquil pond. Finally, a flat, rusty iron sheet representing “Accumulate” towers 15 feet. The top of the piece gets progressively less dense with abstract carvings of natural life.

Andrea and Stanton Myklebust are the husband-and-wife team that created these works. They’ve worked collaboratively since 1993 and created more than seventy large-scale public art projects for sites across the United States.