Free Access Citation Guides: Bluebook and Indigo Book

The Bluebook has given C|M|LAW keys to use to access it online for free for a period of time. If you need online access, please send an email to You will receive an email reply with instructions on how to get access.

The Indigo Book is an alternate citation manual that is available for free online. It was compiled by a team of students at the New York University School of Law, working under the direction of Professor Christopher Jon Sprigman.

The Indigo Book isn’t the same as The Bluebook, but it does implement the same Uniform System of Citation that The Bluebook does. The scope of The Indigo Book’s coverage is roughly equivalent to The Bluebook’s “Bluepages”—that is, The Indigo Book covers legal citation for U.S. legal materials, as well as books, periodicals, and Internet and other electronic resources. The Indigo Book’s scope does not extend to loose-leaf reporters, nor to foreign legal materials or the publications of international organizations like the United Nations.