This Just In: The Zoning and Land Use Handbook

Zoning law has a major impact on the development of our cities and villages, and where we live and work; it also plays a major role in numerous business and real estate transactions. The Zoning and Land Use Handbook by Ronald S. Cope is a handy reference guide for zoning and related land use issues for practitioners, students, and non-lawyers alike.

The book starts with a history of zoning then dives into definitions and types of zoning.  Zoning dealing with dwellings and commercial property is covered in depth on local, state, and federal levels. Special topics covered include wind, fracking, and affordable housing zoning. What makes this book a true handbook for a practitioner or law student are the sections on challenging and litigating zoning issues. Thus, a reader will have the background information needed on the issues of zoning law and can also see what this area of law looks like in courtroom practice.