Cleveland Metro Bar Association Provides Mental Health Toolkit


Lawyers suffer from depression and other related mental illnesses at an alarming rate. More and more resources are becoming available to help impaired professionals get the help they need to treat depression and get their careers and lives back on track.

The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s Mental Health & Wellness Task Force has prepared a Law Firm Mental Health Toolkit that can help lawyers:


  • recognize the signs of depression and addiction in the workplace
  • become informed so that the best help is obtained
  • understand the legal and ethical principles that apply to law firms

From the toolkit, some of the signs that a lawyer might be suffering from mental illness include:

  • missing filing deadlines or failing to attend hearings
  • failing to respond to telephone calls, emails, or client correspondence
  • changes in dress or habits
  • mishandling money

The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association has free membership for law students and welcomes law students on various committees and task forces.