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Archive for January 1st, 2014

2nd Semester Tips

Happy New Year!  Now that the spring semester is about to start, I have gathered a few pieces of wisdom for students about to enter their second semester:

  • No matter how you did last semester, this semester is new.  Thus, if you did great this is no time to get comfortable—keep working hard.  Also,  if you didn’t do as well as you like—don’t dwell on it and get cracking to make improvements this semester.
  • Since you now know what a semester of law school is like you can be better prepared no matter how you did:  prepare ahead of time for class and use that along with class notes to actively outline throughout the semester.  This will save time and make it easier to study during finals.
  • Consider getting into a study group if you haven’t done this before.
  • Research available study aids now.  You can refer to our previous blog post on this topic.
  • Practice writing as much as possible throughout the semester.
  • Visit professors during office hours to get feedback, get questions answered and yes network.
  • Speaking of networking:  Network, Network, Network!  Besides getting to know your professors better, you can join a student organization, join the Ohio State Bar Association, and/or the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association.
  • Get to know the staff and resources available at the Office of Career Planning.
  • Finally, make sure you take some breaks and give yourself some “me” time through the semester.