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Archive for November 9th, 2011

Results of the General Election

For those of you that did find the time to get to the polls yesterday, you have probably already taken a moment to check the results of the election.  For those of you that have not yet read up on the results, here is a quick summary. The voting results show that the public is against raising the age at which a person may be appointed or elected a judge (Issue 1), opposed to giving up collective bargaining rights and changing the benefits of public  employees (Issue 2), and for preserving freedom of choice in selecting health care (Issue 3). The voting percentages from each county on the three issues can be found here. Issue 2, one of the most publicized items on the ballot, only won the votes of six counties while 73 counties succeeded in overruling the attempt to limit collective bargaining.

Ohio Election Results: Union Curbs Thrown Out in Blow to Republicans – The Guardian

Make the Most of Your Study Group

The Law School Academic Support Blog recently posted a thoughtful list of tips and advice for using study groups wisely. It’s all about reaching that happy balance between individual exam preparation and time with your study group. The Law Library offers sixteen study rooms to accommodate study groups. The study rooms are available to groups of two or more law students for up to three consecutive hours a day. You can find out how to reserve one here. As exam time approaches, it’s always a good idea to reserve rooms in advance.