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Archive for September 28th, 2010

Student Loan Relief for Public Defenders and Prosecutors

Funds promised to public defenders and prosecutors are finally being released.  Two years ago, almost 10 million dollars in grants were earmarked to assist in student loan forgiveness for those in federal, state and local Public Defender and Prosecutor offices across the nation, including DC.  The John R. Justice grant program is part of the Higher Education Opportunity Act.  The program was created to encourage recent law school graduates into lower paying criminal justice positions instead of private sector, higher paying jobs.  Governors in each state have assigned a department to handle applications and disbursement.  The Ohio Board of Regents  has been charged with the duty in Ohio.  As of July 2010, Ohio’s application for the funding has not been approved.  However, if you are interested in being kept current with what is going on with the program, you may email the constituent liaison at the following email address,, to be added to a listserv.  The federal guidelines to the program are available, including each state’s requirements to receive funding and potential eligibility requirements for individuals.

Supreme Court to Release Audio of All Oral Arguments at End of Each Week

From our friends at C-SPAN:

The Supreme Court has announced that beginning with its new term, which begins next week, it will release each Friday all the oral arguments from that week on the Supreme Court website. The Court also announced that it will no longer release an oral argument the same day it is heard. Several media organizations, including C‑SPAN have requested same day audio release of high profile cases which the court hears.

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