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Archive for September 6th, 2010

CCH Intelliconnect: Practical Research Database Gets Even Better

CCH Intelliconnect is an excellent research database used by many legal practitioners.  It has  essential primary materials and useful analysis for attorneys specializing in certain areas, such as employment, securities, intellectual property and more.  (see our electronic research page for a list of topics covered).

Here are some recent enhancements to CCH:

  • Find the publication you want using an alphabetical list or search box – no more drilling down through the table of contents.  Click on Titles A-Z link in the upper right corner.
  • Click on Practice Areas in the upper left to show the directory for only a particular practice area
  • Print selected text along with the title of the document.  Highlight part of the text and click on Print, then choose selected text.  You could also use this feature to cut and paste into a Word document.
  • For securities law, there is a Securities Topic Navigator, which is a topical outline of securities law.  Pull up the topic of interest and there are links to the relevant sections of CCH publications.

CCH can be used on campus or off campus.  To use off campus, Law students and faculty must  create a user I.D.  while on campus.  Students and faculty must log in on campus every 45 days to maintain off campus use.