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Archive for October 28th, 2022

Our Sports and Entertainment Law Research Guide

Ghost Light: Pictured (L to R) Raina Mullen, Scotty Zwang, Tom Hamilton. Photo by Student Services Librarian Brian Cassidy

The Sports and Entertainment Law Guide is an invaluable tool for all students of various aspects of sports and entertainment law.  Users can find some interesting videos on the topics of sport and entertainment law and a sneak peak of what the academy is about.  The guide is a great place to find books in our collection on entertainment and sports law but also copyright, licensing, professional sports and economics as well as study aids.  Also covered in the guide are sections on legislation, regulations, blogs, and other websites related to sports and entertainment law, along with journals and databases related to the topics.

When unsure about where to seek a particular type of information, think first of the law library’s Research Guides, which are subject-specific finding aids for locating resources on a topic. There is a direct link to the guides from the law library’s homepage.  The research guides also contain information on databases specific to the topic that may be of use to the researcher.