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Archive for April, 2019

Updated “Administrative Law” & “Federal Legislative History” Seminars

Image of C|M|Law Library Digital BadgeTwo Seminars have just been updated on the Law Library’s Legal Research Seminars TWEN course.  The updated “Administrative Law” Seminar reflects changes resulting from the Westlaw Edge platform.  The updated “Cost-Effective Federal Legislative History: and” Seminar reflects changes resulting from the website (which replaced the FDsys website).  We will continue to update and add new Seminars over the summer.  Remember, the Law Library’s Legal Research Seminars are continuously available on the Westlaw TWEN platform.  View a Seminar, then complete that Seminar’s quiz to earn points.  When you earn 100 points, you are awarded a “Law Library Legal Research Letter of Recognition” and a Digital Badge, which you can post to your LinkedIn page.  Seminar points are good for the entire time you are here at C|M|Law, and you can earn multiple Letters of Recognition and Digital Badges.

Flashcards Available for Checkout

Do you like to use flashcards to study?

Law in a Flash Flashcards are available for checkout at the circulation desk in the law library. The flashcards circulate for three days.

Topics currently available for checkout are: Contracts, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Real Property, Torts, and Wills & Trusts.

This Just In: Beyond These Walls Rethinking Crime and Punishment in the United States

Beyond These Walls is an exhaustive work that looks at the history of crime and punishment in the United States from its origins, to today’s state of mass incarceration, to the author’s vision of reform for the future. The current day numbers are stark:  the United States holds over two million people in prison which accounts for 25% of the world’s prison population.

The author, Tony Platt, is a recognized authority in the field of criminal justice.  He has written numerous books on the topic and has taught at The University of Chicago and The University of California, Berkeley.

How to Get a Study Room

Reserve a Study Room Here

Study Rooms are available in the law library for law student use. Note: they are heavily used during exams—so be sure to familiarize yourself with how to reserve one for you or your group:

  1. Only law students can reserve and use study rooms in the law library.
  2. Reserve your room well in advance during reading and exam periods.
  3. Use your CSU law email to reserve the study room.
  4. Confirm your booking in the email you receive (check your Junk folder if you can’t find it!).
  5. Stop by the access services desk prior to going to your study room; a staff member will go with you to unlock it or confirm that the room has already been opened.

Learn about Blockchain at C|M|Law

Several computers arranged in a circle and connected by lines to symbolize a network.Blockchain is described as a “digital ledger,” or a database made up of blocks of bundled records that are linked together in a chain and shared across a network of computers. Once a record is in the chain, it is difficult to alter. This makes blockchain very secure and is why it has been used for things like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but it has many other possible uses. Potential uses in the legal field, and other legal implications, led C|M|Law to join the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium. Additionally, two C|M|Law students founded the  CSU Blockchain Law & Business Association. The Library has numerous resources available, and don’t forget about our Cybersecurity Research Guide.

An introductory video and a few other demos can be found at CS-SIS blog,, and Reuters.