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Archive for November 22nd, 2011

Pass the Cranberry Sauce and Thank a Lawyer

Did you know that cranberry sauce was invented by a lawyer? In 1912, Marcus Urann, a cranberry grower and lawyer, developed a recipe for jellied cranberry sauce that could be preserved in tin cans. He did so because he did not like to see all the extra cranberries go to waste after the holiday season was over. He later coined the phrase “ocean spray”, and co-founded the company of the same name. Since he was also such an expert promoter and producer, he was dubbed the “Cranberry King”. Click here to read a short history of Ocean Spray, from the Encyclopedia of Consumer brands. As you enjoy your cranberry sauce out of a can this Thanksgiving, or as you drink a refreshing cranberry juice cocktail, be thankful to a lawyer for making such a lasting contribution to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Library Hours over Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is almost here!  On Wednesday Nov. 23rd, the Library will be open from 8a – 6p. We will be closed Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. On Saturday, November 26th, the hours are 9a – 5p, and on Sunday, November 27th, they are 10a – 8p. Looking ahead to reading and exam period, the Library’s extended hours will start December 4th. During reading and exam period (Dec. 4th – Dec. 19th) we will be open Mondays through Thursdays 7a – midnight, 7a – 10p Fridays, 9a – 10p Saturdays, and 10a – midnight Sundays. For full details, see our hours page.

HeinOnline Alerts: Email Notification of New Articles in a Journal

Like reading law review and journal articles on HeinOnline?  HeinOnline’s pdf format looks just like the book and is often easier to read than the Lexis and Westlaw versions.  Now you can get emails whenever new articles appear in your favorite journals. Or, you can get emails whenever there are new results to your search, similar to the Alerts on Lexis and Westlaw, or a Google Alert.  This is accomplished by setting up your own MyHein account.  Click here to view a MyHein User’s Guide.You can also bookmark articles and store the bookmarks in your MyHein account.  (Thanks to the HeinOnline Blog).

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to HeinOnline.
  • Create an account by:
    • clicking on the Law Journal Library (link on the left), then click on the MyHein Tab at the top.
    • click on Create an Account (on the left, underneath the grey box that says Login)
  • Once you are logged in with your MyHein  account, browse to the journal you are interested in, using the alphabetical list.  Click on the journal title, and you will see a link that says Create eTOC alert, which you click on to create the alert.


To create an alert for a search, After you run a search, scroll to the bottom of the results and select the “Save to MyHein Search Queries” from the drop down menu that says “Save to MyHein Bookmarks” (with the grey Save button next to it).  See  MyHein User’s Guide.

Learning to Live Without a Statistical Abstract: Thinking about Future Access to Government Information

From our friends at LLRX (Law and technology resources for legal professionals):

Learning to Live Without a Statistical Abstract: Thinking about Future Access to Government Information – The U.S. Census Bureau anticipates that budget cuts will likely dismantle the entire Statistical Compendia division. James T. Shaw’s presentation focuses on why there is no truly good alternative to the Statistical Abstract in terms of providing both convenience and breadth, either from other government or commercial sources. He provides descriptions of and links to other statistical sources and methods to mine available data moving forward.