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Archive for November 18th, 2011

Tips from BLSA’s Research Review Sessions

Recently, the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) hosted two research review sessions that were open to all C|M|Law students. One session was a review of federal legal research and the other covered legal citations. In case you missed the sessions, here are a couple tips –

  • If you’re citing to a case that appears in the Federal Supplement, abbreviated F. Supp. in the Bluebook, don’t forget to add court information in the parens. So Jackson v. Metro. Edison Co., 348 F. Supp. 954 (1972) would be WRONG because you can’t tell which court the case was in. Jackson v. Metro Edison Co., 348 F. Supp. 954 (M.D. Pa. 1972) would be CORRECT, since you can tell that the case was from the Middle District of Pennsylvania.
  • Conversely, if you’re citing to a case in United States Reports, abbreviated U.S. in the Bluebook, you NEVER need anything more than just the date in the parens, because it is clear that only cases from the U.S. Supreme Court are reported in the United States Reports. So Terry v. Ohio 392 U.S. 1 (1968) is CORRECT without anything more than the date in the parens.
  • The Federal Appendix publishes the opinions of the U.S. courts of appeals that have not been selected for publication. So it’s a reporter for unreported cases. The Bluebook abbreviation is F. App’x. (And yes, you’d need to indicate the court in the parens – just the date won’t cut it).

Browse Study Aids and More on Facebook

If you’ve stopped by our Library Facebook page recently, you may have noticed a little more color. We’ve been adding collections of photos (no, not those kind) – they’re photos of book covers, or dust jackets to you library insiders.  We’re a library after all! The idea is that you can browse our photo collections to get an idea of the types of materials we have to offer. There are albums for study aids like the Understanding Series, Examples and Explanations, and general study aids like Emanuels and nutshells. You’ll also find suggestions for books on legal research and writing, careers and legal practice, and bar prep materials. Be sure to click on See All Photos to see all of the new albums.  Each photo is tagged with a location in the library and the book’s call number  – if you have any trouble finding a book, just ask someone at the access services desk for help.