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Archive for August 22nd, 2011

Fall 2011 Research Certificate Seminars

Image of the word research in a dictionary.The Law Library is pleased to continue its Research Certificate Seminars this Fall 2011 Semester for our C|M|Law students’ learning pleasure.  All of the Seminars will take place in Room A059 in the Law Library.  Unless otherwise noted in the list below, all of the Seminars will take place on Tuesdays, 4:50pm-5:50pm.  To register for a Seminar, students should contact Laura Ray, Instructional Services Librarian, 216-687-6880,

Here is the complete listing of Fall 2011 Semester Seminar dates, topics, and registration deadlines:

  • August 30th — Scholarly Writing — register by August 29th
  • Thursday, September 1st, 4:50pm-5:50pm — *Locating Paper Topics Using BNA Publications* — register by August 30th
  • September 6th — Research Strategies — register by September 2nd
  • September 13th, 12:10pm-12:40pm — **Managing Research with Zotero** — register by September 12th
  • September 13th, 5pm-5:30pm — **Managing Research with Zotero** — register by September 12th
  • September 27th — Ohio Legal Research — register by September 23rd
  • October 4th — Administrative Law Research — register by September 30th

*The BNA Seminar will be on Thursday, September 1st, 4:50pm-5:50pm.
**The Zotero Seminars are identical, and each is a half hour long.  They will be at 12:10pm-12:40pm and 5pm-5:30pm on Tuesday, September 13th.

Seminar attendance is limited to 20 students, so make your reservations as soon as possible.  Attendees of each hour Seminar will earn 25 points, and attendees of each half-hour Seminar will earn 12.5 points.  Each student who earns 100 Seminar points will be awarded a Law Library Research Certificate.

Research Certificate Seminars discuss research materials and resources critical to successful legal practice and scholarly writing, as well as focus on research skills law firms and courts are seeking when hiring associates and clerks.  Presented by our team of research librarians, the Seminars offer a unique forum for students to learn more about specific research topics.

For additional information on the Law Library Research Certificate Seminars, please contact Laura Ray, Instructional Services Librarian, 216-687-6880,

GroundBooth- Free Law Student Notetaking Tool, Study Group & Class Social Networking

GroundBooth is a free note-taking and study group  social networking service, designed specifically for law students.  It was designed by a law student – C|M|LAW third year Art Geigel.    GroundBooth can also be used by an entire law school class to allow the professor and students to continue the discussion outside of class.  See About GroundBooth for more information and a video demo.

Why use GroundBooth instead of  Word for notetaking and Facebook for social networking?

Student notes can be organized better than in Word.  You can expand/collapse entire sections of notes using GroundBooth.  All your notes become incorporated into your overall outline which can be auto-generated at the end of the semester.  Searching notes becomes easier because you no longer have to sequentially step through each instance where a certain word appears.  You receive actual search results stating, “The word x is located in this case”.  Finally, a student can take and access all their notes in the cloud.  If you use Word,  you run the risk of saving only to your hard drive which can fail.  GroundBooth backs up notes nightly and will soon integrate Dropbox backups.

Facebook is great for social networking with ALL your friends, but GroundBooth cuts out the noise of Facebook and allows you to concentrate on communicating with your fellow law students and faculty.  Your class notes, the class discussion and study group are all contained in the same site.   It creates an intimate setting for your specific law school, and is a closed universe social network.  Many of the new features of GroundBooth enhance this unique online community.

So, what is new with GroundBooth?

  • The Docket:  Every person, course and study group has a designated area called “The Docket” to post comments, files, and more.  It is similar to a facebook wall.   You can see all the discussions for a particular class you are taking in one place, and even search the postings.
  • The Scoreboard:  Have some fun in law school, engage in some friendly competition and maybe win a prize.  Students earn points by checking in (ie. signing on to a class page).  Students can award points to each other, say, for having a great answer in class.  Students can only award 3 points a day to other students.  The student with the most points at the end of the semester will win a prize.
  • Improved text editor, with an autosave every 2 minutes and the ability to open multiple windows.  Outlines and notes can be exported to word to print the material and/or as a backup.

Orientation Quiz Winners & Answers

Four students had all ten answers correct on the orientation quiz, so we drew two names to receive the Understanding Series study aids.  The two lucky winners are Sarah Cigic and Stephen Moore.

Quiz Answers:

#1 Using Scholar, the library catalog, find the record for the latest edition of the nutshell on environmental law. In what year was this edition published? (Hint: nutshells are popular study aids.).  Correct answer: 2010

#2 Using WestlawNext, find the U.S. Supreme Court case Tinker v. Des Moines by its citation: 393 U.S. 503. Pull up Citing References by clicking on the tab at the top. Then click on Secondary Sources on the left to pull up secondary sources that cite the Tinker case. The first Secondary Source in the list is: (Hint – make sure sort by is set to Depth:Highest First) Correct answer: Validity and Construction of Public School Regulation of Student Distribution of Religious Documents at School, 136 A.L.R. Fed. 551


Upcoming Seminar: Finding a Paper Topic Using BNA

Finding a topic on which to write your law review note or upper level writing paper is often the hardest part. On September 1, 2011 from 4:50 p.m. to 5:50 p.m. in Room A059 (in the library), Kevin Skrzysowski of BNA will speak on Locating Paper Topics Using BNA Publications. Kevin will demonstrate how to use U.S. Law Week to find Circuit Splits as well as using Hot Topics and other features of various BNA databases to find paper topics.

Our law school subscribes to many BNA databases, including those dealing with Health Care, International Law, Labor and Employment Law, Environmental Law, Corporate Governance and many other subjects.

The library is hosting this seminar as part of its Research Certificate Seminar Series, so attendees will get Research Certificate Seminar credit.