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This Just In: Dred Scott v. Sandford

Dred Scott v. Sandford contains the full text of every opinion of the infamous 1857 U.S. Supreme Court case that ruled that African-Americans could not be citizens and therefore lacked standing to sue in federal court. The decision helped to fan the flames of the march toward the United States Civil War.

The book also contains early legal analyses of the decisions, along with contemporary newspaper and opinion pieces, which help to fill a scholarly void in legal history. Additionally, editor Douglas Lind includes his own bibliographic essay on the aforementioned information.


This Just in: The Law of Judicial Precedent

Bryan Garner, the editor of Black’s Law Dictionary and co-author of a number of other books on the law is back with this hefty tome on judicial precedent. The forward for the book is written by US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and there is a chapter by another Justice Neil Gorsuch.  The rest of the contributors are all long experienced state and federal judges.  Thorough as you would expect from a text written by  experienced jurists, the volume is still easy to read and flows well despite  extensive annotations.  In depth topics covered are: the nature and authority of judicial precedents, the weight of decisions, practicalities of stare decisis, the law of the case, federal doctrine and practice, state law in federal court, state law doctrine and practice, foreign precedents, and arbitration considerations.


This Just In: Space Law: A Treatise

Space law is an area of International Law that has developed massively in the last fifty years. Francis Lyall, from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and Paul B. Larsen, from Georgetown Law Centre and formerly a lawyer for the Office of the US Secretary of Transportation, have been involved this area of law since the early 1960s, when both taught at the McGill Institute of Air and Space Law in Montreal. Both professors currently teach Space Law at their respective universities.

This book has extensive coverage of the literature of space law; its discussion provides an excellent source for both student and practitioners. Covered are major treaties and agreements and national laws and regulations and how they affect the use of space by governments, militaries, and commercial interests. In addition, the treatise has a chapter on how environmental regulation intertwines with space law.

Related to this topic, we have a selection of McGill Institute of Air and Space publications available via HeinOnline.

This Just In: Public International Air Law

The 2nd edition of Public International Air Law has been updated with major changes in the law in this area since the first edition was published in 2008. There is a large collection of international conventions, treaties, and air transport agreements, as well as domestic law with an international application that governs air transport. There are also many issues relating to aviation security, aviation safety, the use of airports and air navigation services, and environmental concerns that are involved in public international air law.

The author, Paul Stephen Dempsey, is Tomlinson Professor Emeritus of Air and Space Law and Director Emeritus of the Institute of Air and Space Law at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. McGill Institute of Air and Space Law publications are available on HeinOnline.

This Just In: Les Roberts’ The Lake Effect

Technically, this book in our legal- and Cleveland-related fiction section isn’t new to the library, but you may want to read it or any of our other fiction titles. These selections and other pleasure reading options are available on the first floor near the entrance to the library.

The Lake Effect is part of the private investigator Milan Jacovich series of mysteries. Jacovich owes a favor to a local mobster. As a person who pays his debts, he agrees to keep an eye on the mayor’s race in a local suburb. When a candidate’s spouse is killed in a hit-and-run outside of Tower City the story starts to get very interesting with twists and turns galore.