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Archive for October 15th, 2014

Improve Your Health Law Research with Health Affairs

Researching health law often means that you’re juggling a wide number of sources, ranging from regulations and agency guidance to interdisciplinary journal articles. You can enhance your health law research by adding a simple search in Health Affairs, a legal health policy journal that you can access online in the law school or library. Health Affairs is a peer-reviewed, nonpartisan journal that covers domestic and international health law topics. Some specific topics that might help you with your seminar papers and journal notes include access to care, health reform, health spending, insurance, legal and regulatory issues, minority health, and managed care.

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Finding Definitions in Cases

The RulebookDuring research it is sometimes important and/or imperative to find a definition of a word or phrase. A great terms and connectors (Boolean) search for you to use is: your term /10 mean! OR defin! OR interpret! This then will get you the cases that have your term or phrase within ten words of words that begin with “mean” (meaning, meant, means, etc.), or “defin” (defined, definition, etc.), or “interpret” (interpreted, interpretation, etc.). You can use this search in Lexis, Westlaw or Bloomberg.

WestlawNext also offers the words & phrases field to search for judicial definitions of words or phrases. In WestlawNext, you can simply type in wp(your phrase or term) and remember to put your phrases in quotes. This field is also available as a fill in the box when you are in a case law only source under the “Advanced” link.

Readers may also what to consult our great research guide: Bloomberg Law, Lexis and Westlaw Compared for more tips.