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Professor Sterio to Contribute Chapter on State Recognition to The Routledge Handbook on State Recognition

M_STERIO.jpgProfessor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio will contribute a chapter to The Routledge Handbook on State Recognition. Professor Sterio’s chapter will be entitled “Power Politics and State Recognition.”

The Handbook will be jointly edited by Dr Gëzim Visoka (Dublin City University), Professor John Doyle (Dublin City University) and Professor Edward Newman (University of Leeds). The Routledge Handbook of State Recognition will be the first of its kind, offering a comprehensive analysis of theoretical and comparative debates, as well as empirical aspects underpinning state recognition in international studies. The Routledge Handbook series is a highly successful existing series.

Flashcards Available for Checkout

Many people find flashcards to be a useful study tool. Law in a Flash flashcards are available for checkout at the circulation desk in the law library.

Topics currently available for checkout are: Contracts, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Real Property, Torts, and Wills & Trusts. Depending on demand for the flashcards, more titles may be added in the future.

Professor Geier Publishes Op Ed on Tax Reform

D_GEIER.jpgProfessor Deborah Geier’s op ed on tax reform efforts, entitled “Principled Tax Reform,” has been published on the TaxProf Blog. In the article, Professor Geier contrasts the tax reform bill currently under consideration in Congress with the Tax Reform Act of 1986. You can read the piece here.

Top Ten Spookiest Law Review Articles

Periodically since 2008, we’ve had the pleasure of compiling the top ten spookiest law review articles in recent years.

Law review and journal articles are a surprising source of supernatural entertainment, perfect for the Halloween season. Creative authors incorporate everything from ghosts to zombies into their article titles, giving the sometimes staid genre a jolt of the spine tingling.

In the spirit of Halloween fun, we’ve tallied up the top ten spookiest law review and journal articles from November 2015 to the present, selected by title alone —

  1. What Ghost Up Must Come Down: The Highs and Lows of Psychic Mediums in Probate Law, 29 Quinnipiac Prob. L.J. 310 (2016).
  2. “It, Being Dead, Yet Speaketh”: The Recodification of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958, 29 No. 1 Air & Space Law. 8 (2016).
  3. Taxing Zombies: Killing Zombie Mortgages with Differential Property Taxes, 2017 U. Ill. L. Rev. 1135 (2017).
  4. Law as Magic: Some Thoughts on Ghosts, Non-Humans, and Shamans, 18 German L.J. 1247 (2017).
  5. Patentable Subject Matter: Alice Does Not Permit the Dead to Frolic in a 3D Wonderland, 69 SMU L. Rev. 299 (2016).
  6. I See Dead People: Examining the Admissibility of Living-Victim Photographs in Murder Trials, 69 Vand. L. Rev. 1423 (2016).
  7. Grim Fairy Tales: Studies of Wicked Stepmothers, Poisoned Apples, and the Elective Share, 78 Alb. L. Rev. 521 (2015).
  8. The ‘Actual Economic Outlay’ Doctrine and Back-to-Back Loans: The Vampire That Refuses to Die, 44 WGL-CTAX 10 (2017).
  9.  Lawyers for Legal Ghosts: The Legality and Ethics of Representing Persons Subject to Guardianship, 91 Wash. L. Rev. 581 (2016).
  10. Supernatural and the Law, 23 Dig., Nat’l Italian A.B.A. L.J. 19 (2015).



Professor Robertson Participates in Conference at Golden Gate University School of Law

H_ROBERTSON.jpgProfessor Heidi Robertson, the Steven W. Percy Professor of Law, participated in the State and Local Government Law Works-in-Progress Conference at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco, October 19 – 21, 2017.  At the conference, Professor Robertson presented an early piece of her current work-in-process, Cities and Citizens Seethe: A Case Study in Piloting the Path of Oil and Gas Pipeline Permitting.  The paper focuses on citizen and local government efforts to influence the routing of the NEXUS/Spectra Energy pipeline proposed for central Ohio.