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Need to do Research on Legislative History? Try ProQuest Congressional

ProQuest Congressional provides users with efficient, targeted access to the most comprehensive collection of historic and current congressional information available anywhere online.

ProQuest Congressional [linked from our database page] is one of the best databases to use to answer any legislative history question. It is available on campus, or remotely with authentication (CSU ID and Pin). One great feature is compiled legislative histories.  A compiled legislative history means that someone else has gone to the trouble of gathering and organizing all the documents related to the passage of an important piece of legislation in one place.

For more information on conducting legislative history research, see our Legislative History Research Guide.

C|M|LAW Faculty Scholarship Guide

The C|M|LAW Faculty Scholarship Guide is a great way to keep up on faculty scholarship at the law school. C|M|LAW supports faculty scholarship in many subject areas across the legal field. Faculty publications are available through EngagedScholarship, the institutional repository shared with Cleveland State University. This guide draws together scholarly articles and books by current faculty that were published within the last five years; they are arranged by topic. The abstract and link to the repository are provided for each listing.

Get Law and CSU Related App Info Here

Everyone who has a smart phone uses some apps on it.  How about using apps for research?  For studying for law school exams and the bar?  How about apps for reference, or government websites?  Need some productivity help?  There are apps that can help.  This was the inspiration for our Mobile Apps research guide.

Don’t forget about our other great research guides.  We currently have 63 guides to assist in your research.

Corporate Law Research Guide

Our Corporate Law research guide is back and available for your research needs. This guide, along with several others, have now been re-published.

Along with primary and secondary sources of corporate law, this guide will provide you with information on forms, study aids, current awareness, and corporate governance.

Check out all of our research guides!

New and Improved Election Law Guide

Our reborn Election Law Guide is ready for viewing. Although most elections are done for 2017, there is one remaining in Alabama.

The guide is filled with primary and secondary materials for both the state and federal level. Information included is both online and in print in our collection and covers treatises, journals, blogs, databases, and websites.

We will be highlighting more guides that were published previously as part of our Research Guides and are now being republished to assist in your research.