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New BNA Databases – Health Law, Tax, Lots More

If you are looking for a one stop shopping collection of resources for  health law, tax, environmental law,  corporate governance and other subjects, try some of the new BNA databases.  BNA Resource Centers (“libraries”) contain primary law (cases, statutes, regulations, administrative decisions, etc.) as well as secondary sources (articles, treatises,  etc.)  You may have used the Labor and Employment Resource Center or Intellectual Property Resource Center in the past.  New BNA Resource Centers include:

The popular Tax Management Portfolios, Health Law and Business Portfolios and Corporate Practice Portfolios can be found in these Resource Centers.   The Portfolios contain topic-driven in depth guidance  and sometimes contain forms.  They make complex issues easy to understand.

We also have more BNA current awareness services on dozens of topics.  See this List of BNA databases. Or, take a look at the Law Databases – Subject List.

C|M|LAW students, faculty and staff can access BNA on campus or remotely with a CSU Id number and Scholar PIN.  When you receive current awareness emails, the links in those emails are not proxied, so you must use a password when off campus if you want to go through the links in the emails.

Databases for Summer Use- Wexis Alternatives

This is the same list printed in the library’s column in April edition of  The Gavel. Note one update:  LoisLaw, will likely be going away in about a month.

Alternatives to LexisNexis and Westlaw available for summer use (as well as all year):

LexisNexis Academic has cases with headnotes, annotated statutes and regulations for the federal government and each of the fifty states.   Law review articles, news and a few secondary sources such as American Jurisprudence are accessible.

CCH Intelliconnect includes primary and secondary sources for certain topical areas such as labor and employment law, securities, health care, intellectual property and more.  For remote access, you must have logged in on campus within the prior 45 days.

BNA includes primary and secondary sources for certain topical areas such as labor and employment law, intellectual property and legal ethics. (more…)

BNA Insights – Inspiration for Paper Topics

BNA Insights are a new feature of BNA’s updated libraries, called Resource Centers.   The Labor and Employment Law Resource Center is now available.  Resources Centers on other topics will follow.   On the home page of the Resource Center, you will see:

  • Insights – 3 to 5 page expert analysis by attorneys and law professors.  Great for paper topic inspiration!
  • Video Insights – 5-10 minute interviews on hot topics
  • Infodash – obtain newspaper and journal articles
  • Latest cases of the day
  • People on the Move (news about lawyers and firms)
  • The link for the Indexes is now the bottom of the page

When you pull up a case in the Resource Center, there are links to other cases and analysis on point.

Search My BNA is another new feature.  From any BNA database, you can search across all the BNA databases to which the C|M|LAW Library subscribes.  Look for the link in the upper left  called “Search My BNA”.  Access BNA from the Electronic Resources Page or this list of BNA Databases we Subscribe to.

For those unfamiliar with BNA, BNA databases are (1) Extensive libraries with detailed subject analysis , primary source materials and current reports or (2) Current Reports, apprising readers of new cases and other developments.  Information on accessing BNA.

New Circuit Splits: Potential Paper Topics

Sue Altmeyer, Electronic Services Librarian, | April 08, 2008 – 09:43

B.N.A.’s U.S. Law Week has released its quarterly chart showing splits of opinion among the federal appeals courts. The latest chart includes splits noted in U.S.L.W. news stories appearing during the first quarter of 2008. There are lots of issues – everything from banning the sale of sexual devices to accommodation of employees’ religious beliefs.

Circuit splits can be a great source for paper topics. Keep this in mind for next year’s papers and law review notes, or possibly for the Law Review ‘s and Journal of Law and Health’s summer writing competition.

To find prior circuit split charts, click on “Search all Issues” and do a search for “circuit splits” and select “in headings only”.UPDATE – 3/2/2009 – do not search in the heading field. Just type “circuit split” and whatever other terms you want in the search box.